”Det här är ruggigt bra. Musikerna berättar övertygande om hur de känt igen sig i Springsteens texter om att längta bort, och börjat göra egna tolkningar… De tre är dessutom starka sångare och gitarristen Henrik Cederblom en mästare på snygga och sparsmakade inpass. ”The river” ger mig tårar i ögonen.” HALLANDSPOSTEN, SE



The Swedish trio based in Gothenburg bring together three guitars, mandolin and three part harmony to deliver a mix of Americana and pop with a distinct Scandinavian flavour, heightened by the mix of Swedish and English language songs. The lyrical material is reflective and often narrative, touching on the highlights of stories that feel very personal, from the delicate nature of relationships to the similarly delicate nature of human life.

Whilst the songs are a superb vehicle for the diverse lyrical material, the instrumental track ‘Drömmen’ shows off another facet of the trio’s musical ability. The melodies are driving and the piece highlights the quality of both the performances and the recording and production.

The complexity of the interwoven layers of guitars and mandolin has offered a little more with each listen as different fragments of melody break through every time. I would like to hear more from this trio and this album whets the appetite as much as it is sated. FATEA, UK

My Quiet Companion create a melodic westcoast meets singer/songwriter meets folkish pop music style that is clearly focused on beautiful melodies. Without a doubt, this is a really lovely album that is showing how much talent is walking around in Sweden. Great singing, excellent instrumental work and fantastic melodies is what you get to hear on this debut album of My Quiet Companion. STRUTTERZINE, NL

Jag får associationer till gamla Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young… Fint, mestadels akustiskt gitarrspel och stämsång… hela skivan är bra… särskilt en sång, Så nära, sticker ut som en potentiell hit, och skulle kunna bli en – i positiv bemärkelse – riktig landsplåga i P4 släppt som singel. LIRA, SE

Flera av låtarna på deras självbetitlade debutalbum skulle nästan kunna vara studio outtakes med Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young eller Joni Mitchell, inspelat på den amerikanska västkusten under tidigt sjuttiotal… SIMBA, SE

De skapar en stämning som sitter i… Det är hög klass rakt igenom men några sånger berör mig starkast och jag vill höra dem om och om igen. Sofias ”Så Nära” är en rysande skildring av ett förhållandes upp- och nergång. Så sprött och känsligt, och dessutom så vackert, att det är omöjligt att inte känna med i känslosvallet. Rydmans ”Shouldn’t It Be” är också fasanfullt vacker och stämningsfull. Sofia Ekberg bidrar också med ”Let It Slip Away”, en flickas bekännelse inför sin mammas uppbrott från pappan. Starkt och utlämnande! THIRSTY BOOTS, SE

With the mix of English and Swedish songs My Quiet Companion is certainly not a dime-a-dozen band. The group has only existed for three years, but with this album filled with brilliant folk, chanson and americana, they already deliver a beautiful calling card. KEYS AND CHORDS, NL

With their range of acoustic instruments and harmony singing there is an attractive groove to the arrangements. The sound is both intimate and light with fine interplay between the musicians. All the Small Details refers to Alzheimer’s disease and is written with a sensitivity that also informs the song Let It Slip Away, a reflection on single parenthood and the need to protect a questioning and vulnerable child. LONESOME HIGHWAY, IR

The trio My Quiet Companion present their songs with exclusive acoustic instruments including three guitars, mandolin, dobro and stompboard. The vocals harmonize perfectly between the three band members. Their debut bodes well for the future of this Swedish trio. May they quickly get back to the drawing board and bring a sequel to the marketplace as soon as possible. ROOTSTIME, BE

Another example of the thesis that in-house productions can compete with major deal releases. The Swedish trio My Quiet Companion plays beautiful folk rock; the arrangements are clean and lovingly recorded while the interplay between female and male vocals makes for a high recognintion factor. FOLKER, DE

The guitar and mandolin playing is beautiful, and just as wonderfully ”polyphonic” as the singing, making this a record that almost automatically grows on you. For lovers of Americana, this is a fine European example showing it can be done here as well. A great debut. MOORS MAGAZINE, NL

Swedish trio My Quiet Companion often sound very British on their eponymous album. The opener, also called ’My quiet Companion’, is an upbeat piece and it’s followed by the philosophical ’Let It Slip Away’. They switch to Swedish for three songs and these are equally good. ROCK’N’REEL, UK